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As we start a new school year, I’m updating my wellness goals using new wellness products from Ameo Life – and there’s a secret ingredient I’m excited to share!

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With the newness that the upcoming school year always brings for the kids, I try to use it as a time to re-evaluate what’s going on with me, as well. Even though it’s not a brand new calendar year, it always feels like the perfect time to update my goals, routine, and start fresh – just like the kids!

As you all know, I started this year off going strong with some major weight loss goals, which I’m still working on achieving. I also started working part-time over this summer, so I’ve had additional work hours during the day (aka no more double workout days lol) and I’m finding my groove again with my personal health goals. I’ve been testing out products from the wonderful company Ameo Life, meaning “I love life,” and sharing how their innovative health and wellness products (with a special ingredient I’m sharing below!) and fitting into my new routine.  


Living a healthy lifestyle is always at the forefront of everything I do and most decisions I make as a mom. I’m not always perfect, but I try, and whenever I find something new that makes me go “wow!” I make sure I share that all with you all, which is exactly what I’m doing today. Ameo Life products are different because they are silver based health products.

Yes, you read that correctly: silver is the “secret ingredient” in the Ameo Life wellness products!


Silver is different from any other ingredient or mineral as silver naturally combats bad bacteria and yeast. Many of the health conditions that people suffer from start as a bad bacteria and/or a yeast condition. Bad bacteria and yeast cause leaky gut syndrome and many of the autoimmune conditions people suffer from by putting a huge workload on the immune system. 

Silver is a fantastic tool to withstand these conditions as it does not metabolize or build up in the body. All other supplements require the body to perform an action to break these supplements down to be positively used, which puts additional stress on the immune system and many supplements simply pass through the body unused. 


Ameo Life produces a silver that is structurally bonded to a structured water molecule that cannot separate itself (meaning that they do not need to be shaken before used). This means that their silver cannot be stored in the body and will not lead to any potential over time concerns. They also produce a silver that is pH balanced alkaline, as compared to all other silver based products that are acidic. The body loves to be in an alkaline state as bad bacteria cannot grow in an alkaline environment, but will flourish in an acidic environment. 


Getting rid of my acne once and forall. It’s interesting how we get older and many of our goals change, but lots stay the same – like this one! As an adult, I still struggle with acne on my face and back. With my sister getting married in October and me wearing an off the shoulder dress, I wanted to put an end to this and the Silver Gel is a winner. I use it as a cleanser either once of twice a day and it’s made a huge different in my skincare routine. 

Boost my immune system. Busy doesn’t even begin to describe how our life has been lately and it’s only about to get more chaotic! Because of this, mama can’t get sick! I’ve been using the Silver Solution daily, 2 teaspoons, twice per day, and it is a great immune booster and will also combat the bad bacteria in the body. 

Keep up with my strength training. This past year, I went from the cardio queen to being uber focused on my muscles. Whenever I get a 45min to an hour of strength training in at least 5 times per week, I feel my best. 

Continue using clean products as a family. It’s no secret that I aim to use only clean, natural proudct in our home and Ameo Life makes that super easy for our family with their soaps (I personally love the organic lavender). We keep them handy in the kids bathroom and ours, too. They seriously work wonders to combat teenage odors and acne, if ya know what I mean!

Are you updating your health goals as the kids start school? Whats on your list? No matter what it is, I bet that Ameo Life will fit in seamlessly!



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