Thinking Out Loud – July 2021

Thinking Out Loud - July 20211

Goodbye July and HELLO August…WHEW how the hell did that happen? I mean seriously where did July go. I know I repeat myself, but good lord this Summer is really flying by. And what better time to round things up with a “Thinking Out Loud” post?!?! I am finding lately that I have a lot to write about these days, which is a really good thing, because I hate forcing blog posts. I have LOTS of products to talk about…LOTS of food, workouts, and WINE to talk about…And it’s not just included in this blog post, it will be included in lots more blog posts to come. WOOT WOOT!

So as always…grab some coffee, tea, or even wine and let’s chat…And why not tackle the wine first!

Clif Family Wine

Who would have thought that the people who made Clif Bars would also make REALLY good wine?!?! And the wine is REALLY that good! When I had the opportunity to partner with them and try their wine and artisan foods, how could I not say yes…I just wished I lived closer so that I could join their bike rides, wine tastings, and food truck goodies. Maybe I should do a bachelorette party in Napa?!?!

Clif Family makes small production Napa Valley wines made from organic and sustainably farmed grapes. Their handcrafted artisan foods are made with organic ingredients sourced from the Clif Family Farm.

And what’s better than receiving great wine at your doorstep? Receiving great wine and food straight to your doorstep with some amazing perks. The Clif Family Wine Club Membership and gain access to a wine and food experience like no other.

Perks Include: small production wines that include rose, white and red wine varietals , preferred member pricing on wines and flat rate shipping , personal wine concierge, virtual and in-person tasting experiences, pay your benefits forward to friends and family and no commitment necessary.

 Sign up HERE! And if you have any questions, please please reach out. I love to talk about wine!

Food For Thought

I think it is REALLY cool how our appetites are constantly changing not only with the seasons, but almost weekly and daily! For me, as of lately, my appetite seems to be changing daily, and it not only has to deal with the hot Summer days, but also with the workouts that I am doing. I actually love this and find it fascinating. And since I have been doing so much work on my health these past few months, I acknowledge them and feed them and it feels SO GOOD!

For example, this week I have been wanting meat, green monster smoothies, bananas, and sandwiches! All over the place, but not really. I have been doing a lot of strength training, so my body needs protein, iron, and carbs to help repair and build my muscles.

Once I have fulfilled these cravings, I feel GREAT and my body feels GREAT and I move on. REMEMBER that our bodies are different…Our health goals are different…Our workouts are different. This is a beautiful thing, so just do YOU and do what makes YOU feel good, happy, strong, and fulfilled. Stop listening to whatever noise out there is telling you to do and listen to your GUT!

This Workout Is BADASS

Challenging, efficient, and a sweaty mess, this workout gets the job DONE! As I said in my newsletter last week, it has been a really long time since I have run, so doing these quick intervals was a great way to get back into it and it felt REALLY good! The itch to start running is coming back slowly but surely and I am all for it…

What I LOVE about these kinds of workouts is that it can be done anywhere, requires no equipment, and is very versatile. If you don’t have a treadmill or running isn’t your thing, run outside, use the spin bike, jump rope, walk…choose whatever cardio works best for YOU! This workout will improve your endurance, your strength, and your balance. My biggest thing I want you to remember is to really work on your form and breathing, when doing the circuits. Slow and steady…Keep your core engaged…Focus on the breath…Really be mindful of the movements, so that you are getting all the benefits of each exercise. Trust me, it makes a HUGE difference!

It is all the things in 60 minutes! Try it out and if you have questions, ask away!

Grateful For Shannon

I don’t talk about this man enough, but every once I have an inkling to share a little bit. I guess sometimes I like to keep our relationship to myself and give you all bits and pieces, so gradually you eventually get to know him. I am so grateful to be with someone who is so hard working, dedicated and passionate about his job, can fix anything, kind, caring, honest, loving, and will do anything for me. A man of few words, his actions are what speak loud and clear. 

As we grow together on this journey and start talking about wedding planning, I like to take a step back and see how far WE have come as a couple, but how far I have come in this relationship. It has been a beautiful journey of learning, growing, healing, and just supporting each other. 

Having him by my side on this healing journey is a true blessing! He makes me feel beautiful, strong, happy, and if I ask to get ice cream or go out to dinner, he’s out the door before me. He LOVES to see me eat…LOL!

Ameo Life Product Update

The more I use these products the more I am blown away with how GOOD they are and how my skin is responding so well to them. When you start using REAL products with REAL ingredients you can see a big difference. It is just like food! So why do we keep putting all of these chemicals on our skin? It is scary, but I also get how sometimes REAL products are more expensive, but your skin, your body, your health are worth it. 

The soap is my favorite and it makes my skin feel silky and smooth and it smells divine. There is talk that they may be making coconut soap for me…I’m slightly obsessed with everything coconut. Stay tuned…

Use my referral link and save 25% on the best natural products for your health now!

And one last closing thought that has been on my brain this past week…I don’t know what is going to happen this Fall/Winter in this country and for the past few days it has been bothering me and I am worried and even a little scared. I had a long talk with my girlfriend about it and in the end I realized and had to remind myself that…

I have to live my life…

I cannot and will not live in fear…

I need to do the things that fill me up and bring me JOY!

And the best part about those things is that they are simple things…

  • Lots of Sunshine
  • Swimming in the Ocean
  • Long walks with Lucy
  • Daily Movement
  • Good Food
  • Good WINE

Tell me ONE simple thing that brings YOU joy…

Have a beautiful weekend!


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