HELLO September


August was a weird month…It feels like it flew by, but at the same time, I felt like there were moments when the time was standing still. There is A LOT going on in not only the world, but everyone’s lives, and even I had moments of stress, sadness, and even exhaustion. It was a month, so I am looking forward to September and looking forward to a fresh slate, new projects, new ideas, and looking to shake things up a bit. Instead of focusing on how August ruffled my feathers a little bit, I am just going to move forward with a better attitude. 

Let’s focus on some positive things as we say goodbye to August! The perfect time to share some updates on products, my workouts, my health, and always the FOOD.

Ameo Life

It has been over a month since I have been using Ameo Life products and I think it is important for me to give y’all an update on…What I’ve been using…What results I have been seeing…What I like or don’t like with each one…And to be 100% honest with y’all, I LOVE these products. I am picky about what products I use, what foods I put in my body, what clothes I wear. Call me high maintenance, but I know what I want and what I like and I stick to that. So my ongoing relationship with Ameo Life is for REAL and I 100% support these products.

If you aren’t aware, Ameo Life products only use organic all natural ingredients. They are made in the USA. They are safe for everyone, including pregnant women and even pets. Most of the products also have multiple uses as well, for example check out these fun facts for the ph Balanced Alkaline Silver Solution:

  • It can go in pets water bowl
  • Putting solution in spray bottle and spritzing on face throughout day to refresh (fresh/glowy look)
  • It is an immune booster
  • Spritzing solution in shoes to prevent odor
  • Spritzing solution in the eyes, nose, skin and feet to naturally cleanse!

*If you haven’t noticed, I like organization and bullet points…Just saying!* But in all seriousness, these products offer something for EVERYONE, while being safe, effective, and good for you. These are the products that I use EVERY DAY and I am happy with each one of them!

Patented Process Probiotic

Every morning when I rise! I have been taking probiotics for almost two years now and they have been a game changer for my gut health and my overall health. I am more regular, less bloated,  have had positive growth with my hair and nails, and I feel better overall, because I know that I am taking something that works. I just started taking this probiotic last Monday, so it has been one full week. So far, so GOOD!

  • Supports a healthy digestive system 
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Supports weight control and normal digestion of your food, and in some cases the probiotic bacteria themselves actually produce vitamins & neurotransmitters.
  • Promotes healthy complexion.

Extra Strength Silver Gel

Not going to lie, when I was in the shower and used this gel for the first time, I was very skeptical. It was a totally different texture, feel, and sensation when I used it on my face. I was like what the heck…OMG this feels weird…Am I going to have a reaction? I had never felt a cleanser like this before. 

But…because there is always a BUT…after using it daily, I absolutely love it. This cleanser is amazing! My skin feels better, cleaner, refreshed, less oily, and it has a nice glow to it. The cleanser has no chemicals, no fillers, no crap, so my skin has reacted really well to the organic all natural ingredients. YES YES YES! 

  • Using gel on hands before/after working out
  • Using gel as a makeup primer
  • Using gel for acne/skin conditions
  • Using for wounds/rashes
  • Using gel for diaper rash
  • Using gel with hand sanitizer

Oatmeal Spice Silver Soap

I have gone through two bars of soap in the past month and I typically take two showers a day, especially during the summer months. Again just like all of their other products I have been using, I am loving the soap as well. My skin has been so sensitive to cleansers and even soap over the past few years and now I know why. All the chemicals, fillers, and gosh knows what other crap they are putting in there was really irritating my skin. I would get bumps on my thighs or behind my triceps or my skin would be super dried out. Now my skin is soft, with no bumps, no irritation, and I always feel super clean with no soapy residue. 

Benefits of OATS:

  • The anti-inflammatory properties of oats are well known and can help to soothe dry skin.
  • Oats contain compounds called saponins that gently remove dirt, oil and bacteria from the skin’s pores without causing irritation.
  • Oats are a natural exfoliator, leaving the skin smooth and glowing.

Silver Mint Mouthwash

I use mouthwash twice a day, but I had NO IDEA how many harmful chemicals were in the typical store bought brands. contain Alcohol, Sorbitol, Methyl Salicylate, Phosphoric Acid, Disodium Phosphate, Sucralose, Red#40 and Blue#1. All these chemicals can negatively impact the body overtime, and have even been linked to digestive problems. YIKES! The Silver Mint Mouthwash tastes good, it doesn’t burn my mouth, like the other brands, and it 100% natural. All good stuff…AGAIN!

  • Supports fresh breath
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Naturally Cleanses the Mouth
  • No chemicals, fillers or Alcohol

Don’t forget that you can save 25% on your order by clicking HERE! Use – KATIEUHRAN at checkout and you are good to go. Let me know if you have any questions or what you purchase. You will NOT be disappointed.


My body has been craving a lot of cardio and I have been craving it as well, so it’s what I have been doing. I have finally been lacing up the running shoes and hitting the pavement. FINALLY! It’s been too long and gosh darn it feels good to be out there. I am easing back into it and keeping most of my runs under 5 miles. I will start increasing, but for right now lower mileage feels good and I don’t want to injure myself or burn out, especially with the heat and humidity. 

Even though I am doing a lot of cardio, I am not neglecting the strength training…I will never not be lifting! It is why I am so grateful to workout out at studios that incorporate ALL THE THINGS, so I am getting the endurance, but also the full body strength training, the core work, the balance, and most importantly, the SOUL WORK!


I am listening to my body a lot more and feeding it what it needs, but also what it wants! My cravings have honestly been all over the place and it probably has to deal with stress, the intensity of my workouts, and my body getting ready for the change of seasons. I find all of this fascinating, because our bodies are always trying to tell us something and when I tune in and listen and give it what it needs, I feel better, stronger, happier, and more at peace. 

Some days I just want a green smoothie, a loaded veggie egg scramble, a rib-eye, or a big ass piece of carrot cake. YES…that slice was a meal and it tasted so damn good and I savored every bite. As I work on myself and my eating, I like to create mini-goals for myself and enjoying more sweets has been one of them. I eliminated cake, cookies, ice cream for so many years, to the point where I basically lost interest in them…SAD…And life is way too short to not enjoy dessert, so each week I have been eating more of what my sweet tooth wants and enjoying them without the guilt and I am just a happier human!

Are you happy to say goodbye to August?

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