Healing From The Inside OUT

HEALING is a big word that can mean different things for each individual! My healing journey can be a lot different than someone else’s and that is okay, as long as we are working on ourselves to be the best version of ourselves from the inside out! Healing is a process that requires a lot of patience, hard work, experimentation, education, and LOTS of self-love! I am still healing…I am still doing a ton of hard work…I am still learning…I am still growing…I am still believing in myself and that this work is working, because I am worth it! Starting this healing journey has been one of the hardest and scariest things that I have had to do, but seeing how far I have come over the past year or so is pretty amazing and I am only getting better, stronger, and confident in what I am doing.

In today’s post I want to talk about THREE things that I work on DAILY to help myself from the inside out! These are three big ones that have truly helped heal me from the inside out…Healing the inside, which includes my gut, my heart, and my brain, have led to healing the outside, which includes glowy skin, defined muscles, thicker healthier hair, and more SMILES! I cannot tell you how much JOY it brings me to recognize and feel these things. So let’s dive into this post shall we…


OOF…this has been hard for me, if you want me to be 100% real with y’all! My Coach did the calculations based on my weight and training to calculate that I need to be consuming 135g of protein per day. Everyone’s goals and needs are different, so this is MINE and what I am looking to achieve for my GOALS!

Why has this been hard? There are few reasons, but the big one is that I am eating a LOT more, which is sometimes hard for me on this healing journey. But week by week I am doing it and gradually getting there. It will happen, but sometimes we just have to do things at our own pace and I’m grateful that my Coach has been so patient with me, because I am for sure moving at my own snail’s pace…LOL!

One of the easiest ways for me to get a plethora of protein in one meal is with protein powders! I have been using Truvani for over a month now and I love it. It has 20g of protein in one scoop. I am very picky about protein powders, because just like everything else, you need to read the labels and make sure that there isn’t a ton of crap in there. Truvani works for me, my gut, and my tastebuds.

This pineapple protein smoothie after a workout to cool down, replenish those muscles, hydrate, energize, and keep you going for the rest of your morning!

Post Workout Peach Smoothie


  • 1x scoop Chocolate Truvani 
  • 2 T of Ameo Life Silver Solution
  • 1 diced peach
  • 1/2 c Greek yogurt
  • water and ice as needed or use milk of choice
  • Heaping spoonful of crunchy PB


Throw everything into the blender and you are good to go!


I know that I sound like a broken record with GUT HEALTH, but it is so important to have a healthy gut! And I know I have talked SO MUCH about how Ameo Life Probiotics have been a game changer on my healing journey, because it was what truly jump started the process of getting my health and life back together. After so many years of restriction, over exercising, and the stress that I put on my body physically and emotionally, my gut was a hot mess. And when the gut is unhealthy everything else is unhealthy.

Please remember that taking a probiotic won’t cure ALL of your gut health issues, but it will definitely help. A healthy gut requires doing a plethora of things. Sorry friends…it’s not an easy one step process, you have to do the work. And it is 100% worth it! What helped me get my gut health back was eating more FOOD, eating more protein, exercising less, taking the right supplements that worked for my lifestyle, 

You can learn more about why I take a probiotic I, of course, wrote a post about it and broke it all down HERE (Shameless plug – Don’t forget to use KATIE25 to get 25% off your order)!!!


I love this quote so much, because gosh darn it, it is the truth! I believe that everything in our bodies is connected. YES it is about the food, the movement, the vitamins, but it is also about what we say to ourselves on a daily basis. When I was in the thick of my eating disorder, I was a miserable person to be around. The negative thoughts that consumed my mind were exhausting and what I was saying to myself on the inside was what I was exuding out into the universe.

Changing these thoughts has taken time, just like everything else, but once I started the healing process, the negative thoughts started to become more and more quiet. The more I nourished myself…the more I cut back on stressing my body out from my workouts…the more I disconnected…the more I thanked my body…the more I embraced the changes that I was going through…the more I became a happier person, which then led me to be happier around others.

Do negative thoughts come back? You bet your ass they do, but NOW I have the tools to work through them and to silence them. That is the work working and it is a sign that I have the control now to recognize the signs of negativity! Each day when I wake up, I remind myself how grateful I am to have this life, this body, Shannon, my family, my friends, and Lucy. The things that I am grateful for aren’t things, they are living beautiful things that bring me JOY! In this noisy and chaotic world that we are living in right now, it is important to wake up with a positive mindset. The more positive we are in our lives, the more positive we can be in the world around us. Super duper cheesy, I know, but I think we need that now! It is easy to be negative, but when you turn off the noise (the news and social media), we are brought back to REAL LIFE!

I love sharing my journey with y’all, because the more I share, the more I heal and I not only see how far I have come, but I also am able to see what is working! Healing is a beautiful thing and as always thank you for joining me on my healing journey!


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