GUT and MIND Reset

October 26th, 2022, Katie Uhran

OOOF…the past couple of weeks, I have felt OFF health wise and it’s been extremely frustrating! October has been an interesting month of ups and downs. Mercury Retrograde, the hurricane, full moons, they all kind of rustled my feathers a little bit and I found myself reverting into old habits. I realized that I was working out WAY too much…I was not eating enough calories…I felt “Negative Nancy” creeping back in and she was an angry bitch for a couple weeks. It was no bueno, but I am grateful now that I have the tools to turn ALL of this around and start fresh, learn from the experience, and move the F on forward.

My journey and life in general is never a straight line and as someone who can be a control freak and sometimes forces and expects things to be the same 24/7, I am learning and working on letting GO! I am getting there and doing the work and when I do LET GO, damn does it feel good! Baby steps…live…learn…and grow! When I put that kind of pressure on myself it not only affects my mind, but also my body, which is why I not only did the emotional work, but I focused on my GUT work too!

Stress, too much exercising, not enough food, can create some serious havoc on our guts and mine was like HELL NO woman. I felt bloated, constipated, super swollen from my workouts, I just was a hot mess and I knew I had to make some changes and I did just that. I did some old things and tried some NEW things and the work WORKED!

Twice a day every damn day! I am like clockwork when it comes to taking my Ameo Life probiotic. I take it right when I wake up with a big glass of water, before I make my coffee. And I always take it right after I finish dinner. It’s the one supplement that ALWAYS take, because I believe in it and it has truly helped heal my gut for the years of restriction and hell I put it through.

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I sweat so damn much down here, so hydration is ALWAYS a must! There is no excuse as to why I am not hydrating 24/7. But there is a fine line with me, because if I drink too much, I am up peeing all damn night, so I try to cram it all in early in the morning and afternoon. Water helps to break down the food, so the body can absorb the nutrients, which then makes it easier to poop and prevents constipation. I just need to be a little bit more aware to make sure that I am consuming enough water and not the same amount in coffee…LOL!
Fiber Rich Foods
On my health journey the focus has obviously been on more calories, but also more protein, because with my intense training routine, I need that extra focus on protein, to make sure my muscles can grow and recover. But also sometimes a lot of protein can lead to some clogged intestines. To unclog those intestines I realized I wasn’t getting enough fiber. I eat a lot of these foods already, but I realized that over the past month, I had somehow deviated away from them, so it was time to focus on FIBER! And I did just that and I definitely noticed a difference. The human body is so damn cool!

Here is what I focused on…and most of these I already had on hand! WIN WIN!
Sweet Potatoes
Chia Seeds
Nuts & Seeds
Whole Grains
And why not share a fiber rich recipe while we are at it, because it seems appropriate for me to share a pumpkin recipe with y’all, because it’s not only Fall, but pumpkin is loaded with fiber, and specifically insoluble fiber, which supports healthy digestion. 
Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding
2 T of chia seeds
1/2 cup of milk of choice
2 T of Ameo Life Silver Solution
1/3 cup pumpkin puree
1 T maple syrup or honey
¼ tsp pumpkin spice or cinnamon
➡️ Mix everything together in a jar until well blended
➡️ Place in the fridge overnight
➡️ Mix again and ENJOY!
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Slow Down…Breathe…Relax

Obviously a hard one for me, but as a control freak! But, I have realized that as I have gotten older, I just have to LET GO, take a deep breath, give myself GRACE, trust my body knows what to do, and that it will be okay. The more I worry…the worse it gets. And when I start worrying about my body, my gut, the food, well it can be a downward spiral that can go down real fast. And that is NOT happening!

I took some time to walk by the ocean with Lucy, to be outside more, to relax, to slow down “a tad bit”, to think about all the things and then just move the hell on forward. Not every day, week, or month is perfect and sometimes I have to remind myself that this goes for my body and my body image as well. Our bodies are always changing and sometimes my body is just having a moment and that is that.

It’s been over a week and a half of working on these things and I am better, I feel better, and happy to know that the work WORKS when you want to do it. Happy Gut = Happy Katie!


October 26th, 2022, Katie Uhran

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